Toyota Yaris

Discover the joy of city driving with our Toyota Yaris rental service. As part of our exceptional fleet, the Toyota Yaris guarantees a comfortable and efficient driving experience, making it the perfect choice for your urban travels in Kingston.

Powered by a fuel-efficient 1.5L Inline 4-cylinder engine, the Toyota Yaris ensures economical fuel consumption, allowing you to explore Kingston’s vibrant streets with cost-effective travels. The automatic transmission and Front-Wheel Drive (FWD) system provide easy maneuverability, making your city commutes in Kingston smooth and enjoyable.

Inside the Toyota Yaris’ well-designed cabin, enjoy the convenience of climate control, ensuring you and your passengers remain comfortable throughout your Kingston excursions. With spacious seating for up to five passengers, the Toyota Yaris ensures everyone travels in comfort and convenience.

Whether you’re exploring Kingston’s bustling markets, visiting the Bob Marley Museum, or heading to Devon House for a sweet treat, the Toyota Yaris is the perfect companion for your urban adventures. Its compact size and agile handling make it ideal for navigating the city’s busy streets, while its fuel efficiency ensures you can explore more of Kingston with fewer stops at the pump.

Book your Toyota Yaris rental today and embrace the style, efficiency, and reliability of this outstanding hatchback as you discover the beauty of Kingston, Jamaica. With our Toyota Yaris, your city exploration awaits!


Car ID: CAR23456 Maker: Toyota Model: Transmission: Auto Fuel: Gas Engine: 1.5L Inline 4-cylinder Doors: 5 Passengers: 5 Luggage: 2


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Kingston, Jamaica

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